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We use a team approach to meet your corporate acquisition needs. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of combined experiences in banking, commercial real estate, manufacturing, distribution, technology hardware and software development and private mergers and acquisitions.

Benefits to Sellers

Mad River Associates recognizes that selling a company can be a stressful, exciting and disruptive time for many business owners.  We have a special sensitivity to sellers’ desire for confidentiality.  Imbedded in our process is a discrete and sensible way for a seller and a buyer to come together without risking customer, employee and supplier relationships.

Just as buyers will benefit, sellers will also benefit from our ability to dramatically reduce acquisition time and multiple extensive due diligence exercises. We recognize that sellers need to maintain business momentum throughout the process and protect their markets throughout the course of the negotiations and transaction. A timely and successful conclusion benefits both sellers and buyers.

While we get paid by and represent buyers, we have the best interest of buyers and sellers in mind. In our experience, a deal will not work unless it is a good long term fit for both parties.  We are selective about who we represent as clients. We understand that many private equity groups are essentially financial engineers. We only choose to work with private equity groups that are skilled and experienced operational managers. This is important to sellers interested in preserving their company's legacy.