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We use a team approach to meet your corporate acquisition needs. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of combined experiences in banking, commercial real estate, manufacturing, distribution, technology hardware and software development and private mergers and acquisitions.

Acquisition Opportunities

We frequently share brief descriptions of potential acquisition opportunities that we consider particularly compelling.  These are typically companies that we have discovered through an acquisition search that do not fit the specific desires of our client.  Please keep in mind that we only represent the buyers of companies.  We never have nor never will represent the sellers of these companies.

Laboratory Supply Distribution: The owners of a southwest-based laboratory supply distribution company are looking for an exit strategy. They have a very competent GM in place.  Revenues are approximately $7 Million.  
: Tim

Film Extrusion: The owner of a custom high density polyolefin film extrusion company, located in the Midwest is starting to consider his exit strategy.  The company works out of a 40k sq. ft. facility and has a stable workforce with low turnover.  Sales are in the $6-7 Million range and the company is debt free.  
Contact: Jay 

Oilfield Service Supply:
The Company, located in the Southwest, provides a unique product line of specialty stimulation chemicals designed to meet the various individual needs of oilfield services companies.  The company analyzes each customer's specific requirements for their well project, and then blends a unique stimulation package. Their custom approach includes scale removal, drilling damage removal, clay damage, and innovative frac fluids.  The business is 30%-40% acidizing/oil and gas recovery, most of the rest is coil tubing and fracing support. They also have an analytical lab, which they believe is a strong differentiator with customers.  Revenues are approximately $9 Million and growing rapidly.
Contact: Hank or John

Food Manufacturing: The owners of a Midwest based pre-made sandwich manufacturing operation are just starting to consider their exit strategy.  The company did around $4 Million in sales last year but historically has produced $10-12 Million of product on an annual basis.  Sales are split 50/50 between co-packing and the companies own brand.  The owners are open to either a 100% sale, or bringing in some growth capital and partnering with a financial investor with industry experience.  

Contact: Jay

Urgent Care
: Located in the Northeast, this urgent care company consists of a 7k sq. ft. clinic. It generated $3.6 Million revenue and $1.6 Million EBITDA in 2011. Projections for 2012 are $4 Million in sales and $1.8 Million of EBITDA. The clinic sees on average around 90 customers a day with a mix of occupational medicine and urgent care services.  Urgent care represents about 70% of patient visits.  There is a great staff lead by 4 full time Physician assistants.  The owner, and head physician, is willing to stay on for a transition period but would like to sell the business and focus on other interests.  

Contact: Jay  or Hank.

We maintain a proprietary data base of pre-qualified companies that may be suitable as platform and add-on investments. Feel free to contact us for details.