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We use a team approach to meet your corporate acquisition needs. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of combined experiences in banking, commercial real estate, manufacturing, distribution, technology hardware and software development and private mergers and acquisitions.

Benefits to Buyers

Mad River Associates' services benefit buyers directly and meaningfully. Since our expertise and sole purpose is to support our clients' acquisition objectives by sourcing quality deals, clients can focus on their expertise in running and building companies.   We provide a solution to buyers' needs for seeing multiple quality acquisition candidates on a timely basis and for facilitating the negotiation of creative and successful deal terms.

Due to Mad River Associates’ proprietary, time-sensitive search process, our clients often see acquisition candidates before other buyers. Thereby, we increase the likelihood of completing a transaction with favorable price and terms. Our targeted and confidential acquisition approach can eliminate the open competitive auction process while protecting the objectives of both the buyer and seller. These services dramatically reduce acquisition time and expensive internal resources for the buyer. We understand that all negotiations between buyers and sellers have their own unique rhythm and pace. We are experienced managers of this delicate process.  We are skilled at maintaining deal momentum, thereby avoiding deal fatigue and keeping deals active until there is a successful closing.